About Us

Celebrating 32 YEARS Publishing Fine Art!


In 1985 our founder began publishing his own fine art paintings. From this we developed into a publisher of Fine Art, Geclees  and Limited Edition Art Prints.  We pioneered the overprint art business in 1990.  For years we sold through the overprint software houses.  We are now selling direct to you though OverPrintArt.com


Can't find what you need?  Just ask us!   We can offer almost any subject you are looking for.  

Small custom art runs are affordable on our Digital Press.  We have THOUSANDS of images licenced and ready to print.


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Receive a FREE gift pack of art!   ($20 value) Get your claim code NOW! Request it below.  (LIMITED to your first requests.)

To claim your gift, come see what we have to offer. Your gift pack of art  will ship for free, if you make a paid order at the same time as you claim your gift.  If you don't want to make an order, then you pay shipping only. (Shipping is about $7 to a U.S. address)

Use the special email address below to request your FREE gift claim code .   To qualify just Tell us... 


  1. Do you use a Laser or Inkjet printer for overprinting?
  2. How do you use overprint art?
  3. Do you sell the printouts, or give them as gifts?
  4. What art would you like to see us do?


Email request to: FREE@OverPrintArt.com